Request for offers for the supply of a disk array

Request for offers for the supply of a disk array for the project Capacity Building for Integration and Reform – enhancing the administrative capacity of Ukrainian civil service for European integration through a comprehensive educational programme (abbr. Natolin4Capacity Building) financed from the European Union funds.

Publication date: 28 July 2021

Deadline for submission of Offers: 18 August 2021.

Request for Offers TOR
Contract Tender Form

The Orderer, the College of Europe in Natolin, cancel the call for proposals for delivery of disk array because of the defective procedure.


In reference to the following question concerning the request for offers:

„- in mail below, the date of submitting offers is marked 28 August, while in the link is given the deadline of August 18. The question is which of these terms is correct

– Have you already tested the arrays of a specific producer, or do you have any preferences in this topic?”

The Orderer herby explains the following:

  1. The correct date of submitting offers is 18 August 2021.
  2. HPE MSA 2060 array was tested. This does not mean that this particular array is the only one accepted by the Orderer. The Contractors may offer array of the other type and producer.