Request for offers for service of preparation and implementation of information and promotion activities

Request for offers for service of preparation and implementation of information and promotion activities for the project Capacity Building for Integration and Reform – enhancing the administrative capacity of Ukrainian civil service for European integration through a comprehensive educational programme financed from the European Union funds.

Publication date: 28 July 2021

Deadline for submission of Offers: 18 August 2021


In reference to the following question concerning the request for offers:

“Part C. draft and production (including printing) of leaflets and information brochures (electronic and paper form).

This requirement is very vague and imprecise for us. In what formats and number of pages should we prepare these leaflets and information brochures, and what quality of printing do you expect?

In the case of preparing a video spot, if we would like to use extras who will appear in the promotional clip, is there a chance that people from your College will appear in it or is it only possible to hire external extras? What did you mean when you wrote “unconventional solutions”? How should we understand this? What is the technological scenario of the spot? What should include?
In the request for offers, you also require “publication of sponsored materials”. What do you mean by “publication”? Is it about advertising activities, such as, for example, banner campaigns in Google Ads or a sponsored campaign on Facebook or, for example, advertising a spot in advertising distribution networks, or e.g. publications of sponsored articles on activities for which we will prepare materials? What actions do you expect under the slogan “publication of sponsored materials”? “

“According to the EU rules, it is necessary to indicate the maximum amount of this tender. In this regard, we will be grateful if you could indicate this amount.”

The Orderer herby explains the following:

  1. The Orderer expects leaflets in full-color print quality, on 300 chalk paper, up to a maximum of 20 pages in the brochure. The leaflets will be printed in 500 pieces, of which 250 in English and 250 in Ukrainian)
  2. The Orderer does not predict extras will be College workers. The Orderer may provide own, 45 seconds long material (with participation of workers/ co-workers/ students) for editing and also participation of 1-2 persons, who will present short speeches for the film needs (the recording shall be made by the Contractor).
  3. Modern forms of communication, unconventional solutions may be eg. computer animations, narrative dynamics, clarity of form and affecting audience imagination, etc.
  4. Technological scenario of the spot shall cover at least plan and brief description of solution which will be used. Technological scenario will allow the Orderer to assess what solutions the Contractor intends to apply in the spot.
  5. Sponsored materials are text articles with illustrations about the implementation of the N4CB project, published on the websites of the indicated media under advertising rights.
  6. The Order indicated the maximum budget – 40 000,00 PLN.