Request for offers for service of simultaneous interpretation

 Request for offers for simultaneous interpreting service in the following languages pairs:  EN-UA, UA-EN and PL-UA-UA-PL, which will be conducted during webinars organised in the online formula, in the framework of the project „Capacity Building for Integration and Reform – enhancing the administrative capacity of Ukrainian civil service for European integration through a comprehensive educational programme” („N4CB”) implemented by the College of Europe in Natolin and financed by the European Union.

Deadline for submission of offers: 30 May 2023.

The Orderer has made the necessary alignment of the language versions (English with Polish) of the information contained in the English-language version of the “Request for Offers” in item 2) titled „They have necessary human resources to carry out this Order” of the section titled “Participation conditions” of Chapter number 5. “Participation and eligibility criteria, and requested documents/statements” by deleting the phrase: “on the Zoom or cognate platform.

In view of the above, the deadline for the submission of offers has been extended to Monday, 02 June, 2023, inclusive.


The Orderer received the following question from one of the potential Offerers:

“Please provide information on whether the submission of an offer by a consortium of Polish and Ukrainian contractors is acceptable”.

Orderer’s answer:

The Orderer sees no formal contradictions to the participation of a consortium of contractors in the proceedings. In such a case, the Offerer should submit together with an offer a consortium agreement specifying the division of tasks between the consortium members and indicating the consortium leader who will represent the consortium before the Orderer during the performance of the order as well as a power of attorney for the leader form the other consortium participants to sign the offer on their behalf.

Deadline for submission of offers: 02 June 2023 (Friday)